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With the meteoric rise in popularity of programmes such as the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, 1000’s of people have taken the steps towards making their product idea a reality. Whilst many are a success, we have also heard of bad experiences where design professionals take on product ideas without identifying the risks at the front end and fully exploring how the product will be made in volume. This usually ends up with a product that is too expensive to manufacture because any margin that you have predicted has gone.

Accountability is something we take very seriously. We have a proven track record in developing commercially viable products for inventors and can help and advise on all aspects of the new product development process including Patent Protection, Safety Testing, legal requirements, funding, R&D grants, etc.

Working closely with our clients from the beginning and clearly identifying all of the key tasks in advance, we ensure a smoother development process and are able to give accurate development and manufacturing costs at a very early stage. All of our design costs are guaranteed up front which means that you can manage the project finances with confidence.

If you have a new product idea and would like some information, we have added some helpful links to the resources page . Alternatively feel free to get in touch via the Contact page if you would like any no strings advice…



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